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Global Organics Sauce Tomato (Ketchup) Organic (glass) 500g

Global Organics Tomato Sauce is made from the finest, organically grown tomatoes, a perfect condiment to add to the most humble or gourmet dishes. The classic Aussie sauce known simply as 'sauce' is as versatile as the name suggests. OF course it?s a staple at BBQ's and on the old pie but its equally good slathered on just about anything. This beloved sauce also transforms dishes you may want to make more kid friendly. You can use it as the sauce on home made pizzas, toss it through simple pasta dishes, add to con carne or beans or swirl through cheesy mashed potatoes.
Features & Benefits
Global Organics Tomato Sauce comes in a 500g glass jar with an easy to open BPA free twist top lid. Sourced from Italy. Global Organics Tomato Sauce is certified organic, non GMO, gluten free, nut free and vegan. Simple ingredients and an iconic taste.

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