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Global Organics Maple Syrup Organic 250mL

Global Organics Maple Syrup is delicately flavoured, the perfect syrup to drizzle of pancakes, ice cream or whatever! Maple syrup has a fantastic floral aroma and light caramel taste that goes so well with both sweet and savoury foods and cooking. Maple glazed roasted veggies are as good as a maple drizzled stack of pancakes or waffles. You can add it to fruit salads, baked beans, popcorn, or in salad dressings with balsamic or apple cider vinegar. It makes a great alternative to honey in baking and cooking.
Features & Benefits
Global Organics Maple Syrup is sourced from Canada and comes in a 250ml glass bottle. Global Organics Maple Syrup is Certified organic, GMO free and contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, starches or flavour enhancers.

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