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Global Organics Coconut Sugar Organic 500g

Global Organics Coconut Sugar is collected from flower of the coconut plant. Coconut sugar is a healthy alternative sweetener when cooking or baking cakes and biscuits. Coconut sugar is a great caramel flavoured alternative sugar. The rich colour and flavour are best taken advantage of in rich cakes and baking like coffee cakes, chocolate or mud cakes, brownies, caramel and carrot cakes, banana bread, gingerbread, puddings or anywhere you would use brown sugar. It also makes a fantastic alternative to honey or maple syrup and can be sprinkled on pancakes or stirred into coffee.
Features & Benefits
Global Organics Coconut Sugar is sourced from Indonesia and packed in Australia. It comes in a 500g re-sealable, oxygen barrier bag. Global Organics Coconut Sugar is nut free, soy free, wheat free and vegan. A less refined alternative to traditional sugars or sweeteners with a delicious caramel flavour

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