November 2015

Serves: 24 Ingredients:   1 cup Lotus Organic Brown Rice Flour ½ cup Lotus Organic Sucanet Sugar ¼ teaspoon Lotus Sea Salt Fine ¼ teaspoon Lotus Xanthan Gum ½ cup cold pressed coconut oil 1 teaspoon vanilla ¼ cup cornstarch ¼ teaspoon each of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice and ginger Star-shaped cutter   Method: Preheat oven at 160°C. Beat sugar and oil together then allow the mixture to rest for 5 minutes. With a wooden spoon, stir the mixture to form a smooth dough and allow it to rest in the fridge. Roll dough out on a cornstarch-floured surface and cut out stars with a star-shaped cutter. Bake star cookies for 20 minutes or until cooked through. Ice with a drizzle icing, melted white chocolate or serve the star cookies plain.      

Serves: 2 Ingredients: 1 cup Granny Smith apples, sliced 2 tbsp Lotus Organic Raw Sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/8 tsp ground nutmeg 1/8 tsp ground ginger 1 - 2 cups Lotus Organic White Quinoa 2 tbsp dried cranberries Lotus Fine Sea Salt, pinch Method: A great snack packed full of protein that can be served hot or cold. Peel and core apples and cut into thin slices. Place in a microwave safe bowl and toss with the sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Microwave apple mixture for 2 minutes, stir and microwave for an additional 2-4 minutes or until apples soften and start to release juice. Pour the juice in a bowl or mug and set aside. Mix the quinoa and cranberries and slowly add the juice until desired sweetness and consistency is reached.

Serves: 5 Ingredients: 1 cup Lotus Organic Royal White Quinoa 2 cups water 3 cans of tuna 1 jar of pesto 1 tbsp flat leaf parsley 1 cup of frozen peas 100g semi dried tomatoes Handful of basil leaf Fresh cracked black pepper, to taste Method: Combine the quinoa, water and salt in a medium saucepan. Bring the water to a boil, then reduce a simmer and cover for 15 minutes. Remove from the heat, keeping the pan covered and let it stand for 5 minutes, or until the remaining water is absorbed. Remove the lid and gently fluff the quinoa In a large pan with medium heat, toss together the quinoa, pesto, frozen peas and the tuna for few minutes, then mix the rest of the ingredients. Season with salt and black pepper, to taste. Serve warm.

Serves: 4 Ingredients: 1 free range or organic turkey Herb butter 100g butter 1 Tbsp chopped fresh sage or tarragon 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 lemon, zest and juice Stuffing 1kg diced pumpkin 2 tbsp sunflower oil 1 tsp Lotus Sea Salt ½ loaf sourdough or 1 loaf gluten free bread 2 free range or organic eggs ½ cup Lotus Pepitas 1/4 Lotus Australian honey 1/4 cup parsley 1/4 cup thyme leaves or sage 1 tbsp smoked paprika 1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper Method: Combine the ingredients for the herb butter, except the lemon juice and set aside. Toss the diced pumpkin with the oil and sea salt. Roast in the oven for 20 minutes or until just cooked through. Take the crusts off the bread and dice into 1cm cubes. Chop the herbs and whisk the eggs. Combine the pumpkin with the rest of the stuffing ingredients and mix well. Stuff into your turkey and tie its legs. Leftover stuffing can be wrapped

Serves: 4 Ingredients: 4 cups grated vegetables 1 cup Lotus Organic Besan Flour 1 tsp grated ginger 1/2 cup chopped coriander Chili powder and curry paste to taste Method: Use a mix of onion, carrot, zucchini, cauliflower, potato and green beans. Grate the vegetables finely then mix with other ingredients. Add enough besan flour to form a stiff dough that you can form into small balls. Shallow fry in ghee or vegetable oil until crisp and finish them in the oven if required. Serve with rice and salad. You can replace some of the vegetables for paneer, a firm Indian cottage style cheese.

Serves: 4 Ingredients: 2 cups Lotus Organic Red Quinoa 1 pomegranate 1 red lettuce - raddichio, oak leaf or red fancy ½ cup fresh mint leaves or 1 tsp dry mint ¼ cup Lotus Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ½ cup olive oil 1 tbsp dijon or wholegrain mustard Lotus Sea Salt and pepper to season Method: Cook the Lotus Quinoa to the pack directions and set aside to cool. De-seed the pomegranate and combine with the quinoa.. This can be kept in the fridge until ready to serve for up to 2 days. Wash the lettuce and cut or tear into bite size pieces, arrange on a large platter and scatter over the quinoa mix. Chop the mint then mix with the vinegar, oil, mustard and seasoning. Drizzle over the salad just before serving.

Serves: 6 Ingredients: 1 tablespoon Lotus Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tablespoons sunflower oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice 500g pork, diced 1 zucchini, diced 1 red capsicum, diced 1 red onion, peeled and diced 1 medium brown onion, peeled and sliced 2 ripe peaches, sliced 1 teaspoon mild curry powder Handful of dried apricots Lotus Fine Sea Salt, pinch 6 BBQ wooden skewers Method: Soak wooden BBQ skewers in water for 30 minutes. This will help to eliminate charred skewers during the cooking process. To make the marinade, sauté the brown onion with 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil and pinch of salt until soft, then add diced peaches and turn off the heat. In a blender, puree the brown onion and peach mixture with vinegar and curry powder. Alternate between the meat and veggies or dried apricot and thread each piece on skewers. Place skewers in a deep tray and pour marinade over them. Leave skewers to marinade

Serves: 5 Ingredients: • 1 x 400g black beans, drained • 1 x 400g chopped tomatoes • 1 x 225g quinoa wraps • ½ cup Lotus Organic White Quinoa • 3 tablespoons chilli sauce • 2 cups frozen corn • 2 cups grated cheese • 1 capsicum, diced • 1 bunch coriander • Lotus Sea Salt Fine, pinch • Lotus Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds, sprinkle Method: Cook quinoa in 2 cups of water over medium heat for 15 minutes or until tender, then drain and set aside. Lightly mash beans with a fork, then finely chop washed coriander stalks and roughly chop leaves. Mix cooked quinoa with the beans, corn, capsicum, 1 tablespoon chilli sauce, half the coriander leaves, pinch of salt and grated cheese. Divide this mixture between the wraps, roll up tightly and arrange in a casserole dish. Combine chopped coriander stalks and tomatoes with 2 tablespoons of chilli sauce and pour over the wraps. Sprinkle over the remaining grated cheese, sesame seeds and bake

Serves: 8 balls Ingredients: • 500g sweet potato • 1 teaspoon vegetable stock • 1 tin salmon • 2 tablespoon Lotus Organic Millet Flour • 2 tablespoon Lotus Organic Tapioca Flour • 2 tablespoon Lotus White Chia Seeds • 1 egg Method: Steam the sweet potato until tender. Place all ingredients except chia seeds in a blender and pulse until combined. Roll mixture into balls and coat in chia seeds. Bake on a lined baking sheet for 20 minutes at 180’C. These can be rolled very small for little bite size snacks or larger to have in a roll with salad and sauce. For an egg free version: add 1 tablespoon Lotus White Chia Seeds to 2 tablespoons of water and leave to soak while the sweet potato steams, then add to the mix in place of the egg.

Serves: 6 Ingredients: • 1 teaspoon Lotus Organic Matcha Powder • 1 can Global Organics Coconut Cream • 3-4 tablespoons Global Organics Coconut Sugar • ¼ cup Lotus Organic Black Chia Seeds • St Dalfour Organic Strawberry Sauce • 4 kiwi fruits Method: Warm the coconut cream in a small pan over a low heat and add the coconut sugar, matcha and chia seeds. Whisk well then refrigerate until cool and set. Whisking eliminates any possible lumps in the coconut cream and speeds up the setting of the pudding. Puree kiwi fruits and divide between 6 glasses then freeze for 20-30 minutes to set. Divide the pudding between the glasses and squeeze over the strawberry sauce. Enjoy.